5 Best Apps for Instagram

All bloggers know that having the Instagram feed of your dreams cannot be done with Instagram alone. Even the best quality photos need a little help to look cohesive on your feed. I get a lot of questions on what editing apps and presets I use so I put together a list of my top 5 apps that I can not live without.


UNUM is the best app I have found so far for planning my Instagram feed. I mostly use UNUM see what order my photos will look best in, but I also use it to play around with different edits and see which filters work together to make my theme look more cohesive.


There is a lot of controversy surrounding Facetune, but its whitening feature is unmatched. I use Facetune to make the backgrounds of my photos lighter and brighter. The detail and defocus tools are also really handy for flatlay shots.


Lightroom is my all-time favorite app for editing Instagram photos. Using presets makes it so easy to edit photos quickly and create a seamless feed. You can buy presets or create your own so it’s really easy to create your own look for your Instagram feed. There is a desktop version of the app but I prefer to use the mobile version to save time.

Here is a link on tips and tricks to use Lightroom because it can be a little tricky in the beginning:


Before I discovered Lightroom VSCO was my go-to app for filters. The editing tools on the app are good but the filters really make it stand out. I love that VSCO allows you to control the intensity of the filter. The A series is my absolute favorite.


Good hashtags mean that more people will be able to see and interact with your photos.. which is the ultimate goal of Instagram. Using the same hashtags over and over again can be kind of repetitive and annoying for your followers, and it could lead you to be shadowbanned. Hashtag Expert is a great tool for finding new and relevant hashtags. You can search for words or categories and save your favorites!





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