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9 Fashion Staples Every College Girl Needs


Freshman year I spent forever trying to decide what to pack for college and ended up just packing everything (you know, just in case). I was soon met with the harsh reality of a tiny freshman dorm closet. In two weeks I was all about comfort and ended wearing t-shirts 90% of the time. No regrets. This is the guide that I wish I would have had when packing for college.

A few general guidelines :

  • less is more
  • pack for the seasons, you don’t need to bring every sweater and jacket you own during the warmer fall months and you don’t need 10 miniskirts in the winter.
  • pack items that you can dress up or dress down


If you ever catch me in public there is about a 95% chance I’m wearing a plain tee, jeans, and a cardigan. It’s the comfiest outfit ever while still being cute and casual.

denim jacket

This is great for layering during the times of the year where the weather is constantly changing and you’re freezing in the morning and sweating by the afternoon.

 comfy sweaters

Cozy oversized sweaters are my favorite thing to wear in every season except for summer. You can throw them on with jean shorts, jeans, or leggings and stay comfy all day.

 converse or vans

These can be worn in any season and are way more comfortable than sandals or booties.

plain tees

I’ll be the first to admit I own way too many of these but they are absolutely necessary. Find a style you really like and buy one in white, black and grey. These are perfect in the spring and summer time and also can be layered under jackets, cardigans, and long sleeve tops in the colder months.

 little black dress

This is essential for life not just college. You can wear this anywhere at any time and it just works. I’m a huge fan of casual dresses in the spring in summer because they require minimal effort, are comfortable, and flattering on any body type. You also can dress it up with heels and accessories for more formal occasions.

 basic heels

It’s good to have a pair on hand for interviews, formals, or just dinner with your friends. I recommend black or nude.

 jean shorts

These are super versatile because you can wear them to class, sporting events, or for going out.

 rain boots

Campuses can get super muddy very quickly and you don’t want to be walking around all day with soggy socks.

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