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Best Apps for College Students

These are my top 12 apps for college students. I am a HUGE advocate for studying smarter, not harder. Although I may be a bit dependent on technology these apps make balancing schoolwork so much easier. The best part is they are available on all IOS devices so you can sync all of your work to one location. 


This is an app that you can actually use every single day. The app includes two widgets: one for scheduling and one for assignments. You can schedule in when all your assignments are due at the beginning of the semester and then sync that schedule to all of your devices so that you can access it anywhere at any time. It also allows you to track your course grade and overall GPA as time progresses.




This app helps you manage projects, keep track of ideas, and prioritize deadlines. Evernote is known for its web clipper, search, multi-device sync, tags, notebooks, and document scanning features. Here’s how it works: You can enter notes through written text, voice memos, or even photos. You can then organize all your notes through tags, subject notebooks, or the app’s search engine.




Quizlet is a gold-mine for study guides and vocab terms. The website is designed to allow students to create their own e-flashcards. You can search for your course number on the site and find the flashcards for previous students in the class you are studying for or create your own study set. The best part about it? After you create or save a study set you can access it offline at any time. This means you can catch up on studying during that long flight or car ride.




The EasyBib app is a million times easier to use than the desktop version. The app allows you to scan textbooks and then generate a citation in MLA, APA, and Chicago style. Then you can easily export the citation via email. This saves so much time when you are in a time crunch if you always wait until the last minute to do your citations.




Notella is amazing if you want to switch over to Evernote but don’t want to manually type out your notes in the notes app. The app allows you to compile all of your notes from ICloud, Dropbox and Evernote so you can easily access them all in one place.




I really wish I had discovered this app sooner. Jumpcut allows you to copy different areas of text at one time and then paste it in using different keystrokes. This saves a ton of time when working on research papers and annotated bibliographies.




If you struggle with staying focused while studying or completing projects then the Self-Control app is a must-have. Self-control is designed to help combat procrastination. This app allows you to block access to certain websites and apps for a set amount of time. The app can also be used on your phone or laptop.




The pocket app allows you to virtually save anything on the internet to your “pocket”. You can then access the articles, videos, and sites you have saved without internet access. This means you can study or finish up paper from anywhere. This is really convenient when it comes to traveling and multi-tasking.




If you love using sticky notes but want to save some trees and some time then you need to check out Trello. I use Trello every day to keep track of assignments and blogging. It’s also really helpful for project management. You can add group members to a board, assign tasks, and check them off as they are completed.




Merriam-Webster Dictionary

If you want to improve your vocabulary and understand your reading assignments better it definitely doesn’t hurt to have one of these at your fingertips.




You can do basically anything with this app. Seriously. Keep track of meetings, deadlines, assignments, and appointments all in one place. It’s like a traditional daily planner but much more customizable. My favorite thing about this app is the Mac extension which allows me to make quick notes in seconds.



Your School’s App

Most universities have an app which provides access to all your student information such as transcripts, grades, balances, your student ID, emails, and campus records. This is really helpful if you are trying to drop/add classes or forget your ID in your dorm. My school also posts important announcements so the app is a must.


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