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Finals Week Survival Guide: Study Tips


Find your study placeI find it really difficult to study in my room and not get distracted. My favorite study place is the library because I can spread out all of my study materials on the larger tables so it’s easier to make study guides and stay organized.

Snacks– Make sure you bring enough snacks for the time that you will be locked away studying. After I leave my study place it’s hard to get back.  My favorite study snacks are fruit, popcorn, hummus, and veggies. Make sure you bring either green tea or water so you can stay hydrated while studying!

Music– Some people prefer to listen to music while studying. Find what type of music works for you. I like to listen to classical music while studying because it helps me focus and get into a “flow state.” 

Make a list, and check it twice– make a list of everything you want to study before your exam. This will help you plan out your time better so you’re not spending every hour of the day in the library the week before finals.

Sleep– Don’t skip sleeping because you’re trying to cram in as much studying as you can the night before the exam. Spacing out your studying and getting enough sleep will help keep your mind clear and help you retain more information.

Check your exam schedule– Make sure you keep an eye on the exam schedule and pay attention in class in case your professor decides to make a change to the schedule.

Color code– Go back to the list you made earlier with everything you need to study. Map out the most and least important things you need to study by color coding them. You could use red for most important/have to study, blue for least important/just need to refresh, etc. Then study the most important things first.

Flashcards– This is the best way to memorize vocab terms. If you’re not into physical flashcards try using a website like Quizlet!

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