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Gym Bag Essentials

Despite what every cheeky t-shirt and Instagram fitness model tells you, going to the gym is not exactly “fun”. Some days you just have to drag yourself there and being prepared makes it a little bit easier. I’ve found that the only way to stick with my fitness goals is to have a routine and plan my workouts into my daily schedule. This helps it become more of a habit and less of something that needs to be contemplated for hours. Having a “go-bag” with these 9 essentials gives you zero excuses and saves a lot of time.

  1. Water Bottle

I prefer the bottles with the built-in straws during my workout because I find it a lot easier than using a Swell or Nalgene bottle because you don’t have to do any twisting and lifting.

      2. Earbuds

Does this one even need an explanation? I find it a lot easier to get my workout done if I have music to distract me.

3. Spiral Hair Ties or Scrunchies

  These don’t leave a weird bend in my hair and them more comfortable and gentle on the hair than an elastic tie.

        5. Yoga Mat

Let’s face it the gym is dirty with a capital d. I always keep a mat in my car so I can do bodyweight exercises and stretch freely.

       6. Makeup Wipes

Few things are more irritating than having makeup pressed into your pores while you’re trying to sweat. My makeup is always a disaster when I leave anyway so it’s better to pack wipes and let my skin breathe.

      7. Moisturizer

However, makeup wipes are not a friend to my dry skin. I always pack a mini Clinique dramatically different and apply it directly after removing my makeup.

      8. Dry Shampoo

I hate the feeling of sweaty hair so this is great for adding volume and getting rid of moisture quickly. My personal favorite is the Batiste Brunette because it doesn’t leave the white cast in my hair.

    9. Resistance bands

These are essential for leg days. My favorite resistance bands are Peach Bands. I bought these about a year ago and I haven’t switched since.


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