How to Start a Blog in 2019

After starting my blog near the end of last year a lot of my friends and family were curious about how exactly blogging worked and asked me about a million questions. Some of my friends even became interested in starting a blog themselves. These are the easy to follow steps I gave them for starting a new blog. This post will walk you through step-by-step on how to start your first blog. Including everything from web hosting to choosing your domain name.

Starting a Blog: A step-by-step guide

Step 1: Decide your Niche

Your niche is the area or topic that you want to write about. You can have more than one niche or incorporate 2 or 3 different topics into your blog, but try not to go over 3. This will keep your readers interested and help them know what to expect next

Some examples of niches:

  • DIY
  • Lifestyle
  • Fashion
  • Beauty
  • Sports
  • Personal Finance
  • Fitness
  • Pets
  • College


Step 2: Choose a domain name

You want your blog name to be something that fits you and what you want to write about on your blog.  If you need help thinking of a fun name try using a blog name generator ( However, if you want to keep things simple you can always just use your name as the title of your blog. This allows you to not be tied down to writing only about a specific niche forever and allows your blog name to stay the same as you evolve as a person.

After you find the perfect name you’ll want to do some research and make sure that domain name is not already being used.  Once you find a name that is open to use make sure you register it. You can choose to register your domain name through your hosting provider (BlueHost provides a free domain with your hosting package) or register it separately through or where you can purchase extra security.


Step 3: Choose Hosting

Hosting is a little complicated to understand. Basically, your host is where your blog “lives”. When choosing a hosting provider you want to make sure that your provider offers good support, site speed, and accessibility. I’ve partnered with BlueHost to give you the lowest hosting price available ($3.95) and a free domain for 12 months!

Recommendation: BlueHost 


Step 4: Install WordPress

After you sign up for a hosting subscription your hosting provider will provide you with instructions on how to install WordPress onto your device. This is very easy to do but if you have trouble feel free to call the support line for your hosting provider and someone will gladly help walk you through to process.


Step 5: Choose your theme

Now comes the fun part: designing your blog!!! I won’t lie I spent WAY too much time trying to find the perfect theme and playing with all the colors and layouts but it was so worth it in the end. Your theme determines a lot about your blog such as navigation bars, background, colors, and fonts!


Step 6: Start Writing!!!

You did it!!!  Your blog is officially all set up and you can now start writing and publishing posts!


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